This $30,000 golf cart is better suited for partying than playing golf

2022-11-26 20:32:54 By : Ms. HERE MAKERS

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The Club Car Cru drives like a golf cart but turns into a living room. Golf Carys

This $30,000 golf cart is better suited for partying than playing golf

Driving a golf cart is one of the game’s great joys. The simple, open-air interior and low maximum speed makes it a fun and relatively safe mode of transport around golf-course grounds.

In recent decades, golf carts have become a bit more luxe, with street-legal amenities like headlights and seatbelts that made them popular in neighborhood and community settings outside of the country club.

But the golf cart as we know it just received a serious upgrade. Club Car, a golf product and technology manufacturer based in Augusta, Ga., has a new model on offer: the Cru, a $29,334 “low-speed vehicle,” or LSV, that both looks and feels like a golf cart, but offers much, much more.

Designed by BMW’s Designworks, the Cru features electric power steering and is enclosed by glass on one side and open air on the other. It’s narrower than a standard-size car but longer than a typical golf cart. With a top speed of 25 mph and a battery range of 15-20 miles, it can easily be used for local errands. The Cru doesn’t require a special charging station and a full charge can be reached in 6-14 hours.

But the Cru’s most appealing feature is the transitional nature of its seating. Though it includes room for six seated in standard rows, the front seats can swivel to face those in the back, creating a living-room style interior, complete with a table.

Whether you’re gathering for a tailgate or simply need a shaded place for refreshment, it’s easy to see how useful such flexibility can be.

For more information on the Cru, click here.

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This $30,000 golf cart is better suited for partying than playing golf

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